1/16th scale VW. This is a nice kit and in the process of ordering a second one because  i really messed up the body on this one. Word of caution, the body is very thin and brittle and mine has some distortion to it so i thought i could straighten it out with hot boiling water, oh man was I wrong! DO NOT DO THAT! If you buy this kit from your local hobby shop open the box and make sure the body is up to your expectations. Mine wasn't and i got in a hurry to get it home and start building it so now this one I will attempt to fix it and make a custom out of it. Maybe a lowrider or mild custom.

The kits contents, the box is huge for the size of the kit.
As you can see I will be losing the rear windows on this one , there was no way to fix this the plastic was way to thin when it got in the boiling water so I will use the windows to hold the filler to bring the roof line back.
I have three pieces of plastic strip here trying to bring the edge back up, it really shrunk in the water.
This pic was taken to show how much the body is bowed even after being dunked in hot water ( on thicker bodies you can do that but this one is way to brittle!) as you can see the passengers side is wider than the the drivers side and i am even leaning more towards the drivers side so it shows just how bad it is, I tried it on the body pan and it does not really correct this but after it s built i hope no one notices.....
inside shot of the body and the drivers side shows the bow in the body from rear fender to front fender...

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