I have been into model building for close to 35 years now. Only serious thou from around 1998-1999. I love all subjects including Airplanes, Tanks, and model cars, but mostly just cars, and trucks. I am getting back into airplanes and tanks now, but just a little. Also enjoy science fiction model building such as the Star Wars line from Amt and Mpc.
Those kits allow for a lot of scratch building and adding gizmos to the build to add to the over all detail.

When it comes to automobiles I primarily build lowrider model cars and the biggest reason is that I admire all the artwork and hard work that goes into the creation of a lowrider. The custom interiors, the patterned paint jobs, to the hydraulic systems that make them raise and lower on their suspensions. To create that in a miniature is very challenging to get each part of the car in detail. Working on such a small scale as well requires more thought into how to go about the final result.

I am beginning to get more into scratch building items now for my builds and adding more detail from gamer pieces, to watch parts, and now even recycled electronic parts.

I have been following the work of Dr.Cranky for the last couple of years now. He is a true artist and his models just pop out at you when you look at them, the detail he puts into them including the thought process, and from start to finish I would call them works of art. You can get to his websites by following the links under my links page. I have been striving to put more thought into the process of my model building to achieve the looks that he gets from his models.

Another great modeler is Ken Hamilton, his artwork is beyond awesome when you look at all of his work with diorama's and his individual models. His creativity is limitless and very inspiring.

John Teresi is another modeler that I follow. He can crank out museum pieces within weeks. It takes me to finish one model (not to his level of detail and craftmenship) 2-3 years. Very inspiring John!

Another area in model building that I have discovered is using gamer pieces to add to all my builds, they are very detailed and can add a level of eye candy like no other. They can be limited to just wizard type items but then there are more modern pieces coming out currently as well. Also when you go to a craft store with your wife or girlfriend such as Michaels or Hobby Lobby, head for the bead and jewerly section, scrapbooking section (watch parts) and see that there are little bits and pieces that you can add to your builds and the limit is only in your imagination!

I have been turning towards themed builds as well. Like the model Hell Train. It is a theme build of a dark side of sorts. Strippers Delight is a theme build on the dark side as well from an adult theme. Also mans ruin, as you all know what that means if your Male, strippers, booze, money, gambling!!! Kinda neat to build an entire project around just one theme or concept.

The possibilities are endless from the moment you bring that kit home from the hobby shop and open it up. Going thru the parts and the instruction sheet. Planning out the build from the beginning to the end is all part of the fun, and like they say if it isn't fun then don't do it. It is only limited by your imagination and creativity.

The future to this hobby is in the 3-D printing of model kits and parts. It's actually right here, right now. If you visit http://cmamodels.com/ you will see what I am talking about. I may never save enough money for a 3-D printer, but hoping to as this is the wave of the future of the hobby, where you can design a model part,  or even a full model kit in a computer and then print it out on a 3-D printer. By passing the whole model industry and companies like Revell and Amt, and mass produce your own!!! Now that is totally cool and custom. No more scratch building just to make 1 part that if you want more copies you hope to be able to make a mold of and pour more in resin. No not with this technology, just hit print and how many times and your on your way to mass production.

My story

So there you have it. If your new to this hobby go out and get a kit or two and try it out, if you have been into it for years then you know what I am talking about in the first place and enjoy the site and see if you can get some new inspiration.

Its all about the fun, and the creativity, and losing yourself for hours at your workbench and forgetting about all the bullshit in your life, even for just an hour or two.

I add things from time to time and update builds as I get the time. I have a very busy schedule with family and work and sometimes can be a few days or weeks without an update so check back often. You can stay updated under the whats new link as I list everything that I have updated the site with.

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