Photo references for future modeling projects!!!

Basically this is a page that will keep some of my inspirations in the fore front and not let me forget them. Kind of like a filing cabinet of sorts...As old age sets in my mind is not where it should be so this is to help me remember and share with you as well!

These are seats that I am wanting to make in scale for one of my next builds, may be mans ruin?

I have been trying to figure out a way to make this type of spider web for other parts of the cars, trucks, they make it for the Fords for the grilles but looking to make it for bed covers and things of that nature. Any ideas shoot me an email, would be very appreciative.

Actually just located a place for spider webbed detail, Ken Hamilton a very talented modeler and Diorama builder produced some of these a while ago and I was able to get my hands on a few of these.

Pics from a car show in the early nineties, looking to emulate this type of upholstery. I came close on my '82 s-10 but have not been able to find that type of material anymore.  

Another cool pic from a car show in the early 90's. Always like the look of the euro cars and want to emulate this paint scheme on a tuner car.

Saw this car on the net the other day and they used a bunch of license plates for a fender, this would look really good on a rat rod, or something of that nature. As every car and truck decal sheet has at least 2-4 license plates you should have a ton of license plate decals on hand, just slap them all over a fender, or a gas flap, or hood, or just about anywhere else, I was thinking of doing this on a rat rod for the interior doors....

Cool Rat Rod To Model someday.
Cool little luggage rack that caught my eye at a local car show...................

Got this little bike at an indoor flea market and it will not go in the egyptian raider build just be bed fodder for another build but only have the egyptian raider to show size and have the 1966 riviera bike to show that its close to 1/25th scale....

I have a bike from the revell 1966  riveria model kit and will build it like this but will add one of my hand made steering wheels.....
one of my favorite builds i want to emulate!

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