1950 Ford turned into an Aztec Warrior with foam used to make a pyramid in the bed of the truck and intricate Aztec Designs in the cab.
expirementing with engraving.
eliminating the braces that were moulded into the running boards.
This kit leaves a nasty gap when you glue the front valance to the upper fenders and decided that it needed some extra work. I first cut out a square corner to glue a wedge of plastic into so the putty would hold, now that needs to be sanded off from the pic above and the pic below.
Its kinda hard to see here, but where the bottom valance meets the front fenders, there is a little white (a little lighter white than the kit plastic) piece of plastic that in inserted after cutting a pie shape to have the putty stick to.
Added a piece of strip plastic to hide the gap after opening up the doors.
My first attempt at sunken antennae's.
The rim and tire combo.
playing around with ideas for the console.
Also my first attempt of a custom cut roof to look like a pyramid.
Laying out the look of the temple and bed.  Not sure yet where the hydro pumps will go yet.
Thinking 'bout adding lake pipes to this build.
Added trees to the bed and changed my original idea for the running boards to hand carved looking blocks.
The chairs Im gonna make for rthe driver and passenger side, the shiny parts will be painted to look like stone and the seat bottoms will have scale rope tie them together.
Real Glass aquarium, will have another round disk on top and either put in the doors or the bed.
Covered the beds but will have  openings carved in them.
Went on a shopping spree at the gamer store to find more items for this build.
Mexican blanket material, may use on this build not sure yet.
Im hooked on the gamer pieces for these builds.
Just arrived by the usps. now i can finish planning out my build!!!
Working out interior details......
Finally came up with a design for the grille.
Custom made chain steering wheel.
Paint ideas................
Beginning the layout and carving of the foam for the aztec designs on the interior and doors.....
Finalized mounting brackets for bumper.
Final design for the walls of the bed of the truck!!
added the photo-etched  radiator grill face to the radiator, just have to finish the other side.
Detail work around the bumper brackets for both the truck and the trailer.
Machined over flow tank.
Machined over flow tank.
Machined starter.
Machined over flow tank.
Machined pulley set for engine.

Decided on a color combo root beer with gold accents...

I have a vinyl cutter and Im trying out some designs that will cut small to use as ghost graphics..............
planning on building a dio for this build i have been carving a back drop out of sign foam to look like an aztec ruin.

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