I was never much for kit reviews but i have come across a few kits lately that I just feeled compeled to do my own kit reviews so this is the page for that! These reviews will be more like kit inspection of kit contents and what is in the box. I am slow building kits and will not devote hours to building the kit, just give you my ideas and thoughts on the kit and show the parts.
Stacey Davids 1932 Ford Rat Roaster 1/25th scale kit.

 Cool Decal sheet, see the little black dots, your supposed to use them for the holes in the interior, try drilling out the holes for a more realistic look.

See the guitar in the middle of the sprue? This is the reason why i bought this kit, but after looking at the kit im into it now, i kinda like the kit and will build it some day.
cool engine.
Two complete sprues of chrome!!!
Dirty Donnyu's two much model kit. This is a limited edition model kit from his artwork. Only has a few parts but will be a fun build. This is not much of a review as I have not started the kit yet. More of an over view, however being that this kit is on a limited run, would be a good idea to get one to build and one or two to save for down the road.

 Custom decal sheet....

Kit contents..............all resin parts.........except for the chain and handle for the pumpkin trick or treat bucket.

Just found this kit at an indoor flea market for 5.00, its tiny but I love the subject and I love these airfoil models, pretty good detail and crispness on the parts them selves. I am planning on building it some day and may be do some super detailing on it but will have to see. 

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