I am dreaming up the next big build. Taking a 1950 Chevy truck, add a stripper pole, and other items, such as dollar bills, playing cards, dice, and various other items, and call it Mans Ruin. I'm working on getting all the details worked out before I actually start the building process. Working on ideas about about adding a trailer to the build and have other poles on it. Neon lights, speakers, seats, the whole nine yards......

This one is ongoing, haven't taken anytime on this one as I am trying hard to finish hell train. I have a lot of new ideas and will get back to this one soon.


Im planning on taking this kit and making it a mild custom and maybe even add a trailer to it as well and add a few more poles to the trailer.

And turning it to something like this. In fact already bought the brass rod for it to emulate the brass pole.

Some of the items planned to put on the model.

Seen this on the net the other day, have to add one to the tailgate. Or even build a trailer for the hitch and have a roving stripper party on wheels.

Smoothing out the cab to make it cleaner, doing a mild custom on the truck.

The trailer/stage that will have the stripper poles on it as well.

Scratch built sex toys, bras and panties. I am using these for the strippers delight build and plan on adding some  back issue covers that will be glued all over the truck or the stage or both.

Assembled the shifter boot and with shifter and shifter knob.
I cut a new foam piece to lengthen the bed for the strippers stage.
Not sure if i like the top layer under the pole or this way, will have to see, just not getting much inspiration on this one yet.
These are the door panels for the strippers delight. More will be on the back of the cab as well.

thats the end for now........

More to come soon, most of my time being spent on the Egyptian Raider, but accumulating more cool ideas for this build.

New idea for the seats...

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