1941 Custom Chevy Lowrider Project. This started out as just a general lowrider build with opening doors that has turned into a pretty large build. Once I discovered the use of gamer pieces and urethane sign foam, just went nuts on it. Started this build in December of 2010 and hope to have it done by at least December 2012. Or sooner actually, would like to enter it in the Fair for 2012 at New Mexico Expo but again time will tell. Still needs paint and graphics and some clean up on the body work and doors and a lot more work to be done on the coffin that I added to it.

The tan colored stuff is the sign foam that I used to carve the fake stone look for the interior and the bed, also used on the grille surround.

More sign foam used here as well.

Barbed wire made out of solder.

 Rat Swarm from the reaper gamer series.

Mock up of dashboard.

Again the sign foam treatment. Pretty handy to use, its lite and holds shape very well.

The skulls came from a bead shop and the crosses from the jewelry department at Hobby Lobby.

Watch parts come in handy on builds.

The grille will have 5 skulls.

Since the bed has no room for the hydraulics and batteries they have to be installed below.

Found these at Hobby Lobby will figure out a place to put them on the build. May leave the hoop on top of the head put a chain thru it and have them drag on the ground, not sure yet thou, got to let the creative juices flow and get a feel for placement.

Found these cool coffin lockettes at a local bead shop. To make them work as tail lights I had to cut them apart and finding out that they were solder I soldered some silver bearing solder in the lids to make up for the under cuts that were originally in the lid to hold the hinge. Then just filed the new solder down until it was level and smooth.

Now all I have to do is but a slight bend it them to fit the fender. Then add red acrylic after the truck is painted for tail lights.

 Installed tail light panels.

Came up with an idea to add a surf board to the model, not sure if that is how I will leave it, I like it, but a lowrider from hell would not really need a surfboard.

Picked up some more gamer pieces for the ride.

Took the munsters Dragula body and did some surgery on it, opened up the top half and used sign foam to fill the voids and make it look like a lid to the coffin. 

Looking more like a coffin now and not a dragster.... 

Skulls are way out of scale and will not be using them, looking for more scale skulls to replace them. 

Got this idea from a bud on the layitlow.com model forum and actually like how they look! 

the wire will be cut down when its painted, just easier to handle right now.

Got the top of the coffin almost finished. Pics to bright here, cant make out the shape to well in these photos, but coming along nicely. Hopefully be done soon, more progress pics to come!

Finally getting some paint on this thing after two years of fabricating work! The rest of the build is on Hell Train Page 2!

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