1960 Starliner by ford. This is a kit I have been wanting to build for a very long time. I was also inspired to make it a full custom after seeing the August 2011 Rod And Custom magazine article of one that was fully customized with a 60's style flair.

De-chromed a lot of the body and made the lines around the existing chrome trim a lot deeper so the bare metal foil will look more like real trim on the vehicle. Opened up the trunk on the kit as well, now working on a hinge set up.

Also picked up the model car garage photo etched detail set for this model as it will add a lot more crisp detail to the overall look of the finished product. It also comes with the gauge panel and speedometer and a separate sheet of Starliner scripts so i have sanded off the Starliner log on the sides of the car.

Rod and Custom magazine article from August 2011, that inspired me to dechrome the starliner. I may not get the same designs on the car as the paint on this one but I am going to try.

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